Accurate, Repeatable Outcomes

Complex, mission-critical components are our specialty.

From chemical-resistant and leak-proof components, to unusual angles and small shapes, to large volumes that require absolute consistency and predictability – all of Moore Fabrication’s end products offer equal parts dependability and craftsmanship.

Custom Fabrication ProcessOur plastic fabrication process is highly involved, and relies on good communication and quality control checkpoints to ensure accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

When a customer brings an idea to us, whether it’s a pencil sketch or an AutoCAD design, we start by reviewing feasibility, materials options and timelines. The team at Moore brings an incredible level of experience to the fabrication process. Our team is made of technicians and artisans with a diverse array of skills sets, allowing us to customize a best-fit team to each project.

Because quality control is the most important part of what we do, a detailed inspection is involved in every stage of the fabrication process. Our exclusive quality control team inspects every material, measurement, mold and machine before, during and after testing and production. Especially for first-time concepts and products, the detail and veracity of this QC process increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness.